Snow in Vietnam 2013 - Photos

There's been Snow in Vietnam, particularly in the Northern part; It's the first time in many years, as per reported by Al Jazeera.
Snow in Vietnam photos
Could this be one of the fragments of effects of global warming? Surely, a snowfall in Vietnam would mean a new set of adjustment for the country's population in many things. During this season, economic movement is also affected.

Some Snow in Vietnam 2013 Photos:
Snow in Vietnam 2013 Photos

Snow in Vietnam 2013 Photos

Snow in Vietnam 2013 Photos
But how does snow in Vietnam really look like? Well, it created traffic jams as the people move into the mountainous areas to witness the wondrous weather phenomenon.

Scattered rains has been hitting Laos, Vietnam and southeast China.

Nevertheless, Vietnam's weather condition is expected to improve in the coming days.

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