South Sudan failed coup attempt

A group of soldiers loyal to South Sudan's former vice president carried out a coup to overthrow the country's present government.
But according to a fresh statement from president Salva Kiir, the military was able to impede the group of soldiers from succeeding in their attempt. President Kiir told media:
The attackers went and (the) armed forces are pursuing them
I promise you today that justice will prevail.
The detailed account of the coup attempt is still vague at the moment but according to foreign minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin , the troops went to raid the weapons store in Juba; The government forces were able to subdue them.

The rebel movement in Sudan is mainly due to the brutal civil war, which can be blamed on Sudan's previously dismissed ministers - as what Mr. Kiir hinted.

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Anonymous said...

why can't they have a dialogue between two partys?
may God help South Sudan.