Susan Boyle cancels UAE tour due to Asperger's syndrome diagnosis

Susan Boyle will not be performing at Abu Dhabi this coming Friday due to a diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome - a condition that is considered as "a high functioning form of autism".
The Britain’s Got Talent 2009 sensation Susan Boyle admits that she has relationship difficulties and communicative difficulties as well, and is sometimes leading to a lot of frustrations in the course of her life.

More importantly, Susan Boyle (SuBo) said Asperger's does not define her. She recognizes that it's a condition she has to live by.

She assured her fans that she's more relaxed as ever, now that she's aware of her situation.

Abu Dhabi is supposed to be the first stop of Susan's first solo tour and at the same time, a debut in the Emirates.

But her manager deemed it proper to call off the gig for the time being.

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