UFC 168 Results: Anderson Silva loses due to nasty leg kick #UFC168

The top item for the UFC 168 results could be one of the things you would not forget, where Anderson Silva lost the rematch with Chris Weidman due to a nasty leg kick. The end was a horrible leg injury for "The Spider" Silva due to a leg check on the "All American" title defender.

All of the excitement and the hard works seem to have gone into thin smoke for Silva, as some noted, what happened could be a career ending leg injury. Let's all accept it, Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman and now the new window opens. Obviously, Weidman will be facing Vitor Belfort in the coming UFC series.

Weidman was declared as winner by TKO due to Silva's very nasty leg injury due to a leg kick. Silva threw a leg check on Weidman's left, only to find out a snapping incident. The kick went a little too high that it hit Weidman's upper shin, just a little below the knee cap.

Anderson Silva breaks leg photo - another look!

Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman was the main event for UFC 168 at the MGM Grand on Saturday night, Dec. 28, 2013. The rematch ended with a momentous result, halted in the 2nd round.

During the interview inside the octagon, Weidman has these words for Silva:
No matter what happened in this fight, he’s still the greatest of all time. I wish him the best, and God bless him
When asked by Joe Rogan regarding Silva's leg kick:
That was the No. 1 thing I got hit with the first fight. I worked a lot with guys with kicks. But it’s still crazy how that happened. There was a point I was just thinking, ‘Ref, stop the fight.’ His eyes were in the back of his head for a lot of those punches.
Here is a short clip showing Anderson Silva's nasty leg kick, ending with a gruesome snap. Thanks to Andrew MAN (http://www.youtube.com/user/100Mayweather) for the video upload,

And here is a GIF, showing the same tragic injury:
The GIF was originally posted at The Business Insider.

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