US court dismisses Manny Pacquiao tax lawsuit

On December 18, the US court dismissed the $18 million lawsuit against Manny Pacquiao filed by Imperial ED Promotions, a Texas-based company.
manny pacquiao tax lawsuit
The multi-million dollar lawsuit echoed loud into the Philippines, where Pacquiao is also facing another tax payment issue.

Imperial ED Promotions claimed that Pacquiao did not appear at a certain promotional event in September 2010. The company hid the fact that it actually failed to pay the Filipino boxer his full appearance fee.

After a thorough study of the evidences laid down for the said tax lawsuit, the US court found out that Imperial ED Promotions used a falsely backdated document.

David Marosso, Pacquiao's counsel told the media:
As Manny's popularity increased, he has become a target
Pacquiao's advisor Michael Koncz added:
Manny took a stand in this case and vowed to fight until his name was cleared.
Now, let's see how things would go for Manny Pacquiao with his $50 million tax case in the Philippines.

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