US military ready to eat meals illegally sold in Makati store

It has been found and reported by GMA News that a certain store in Makati is selling US made meals (Ready to Eat Packs) for two hundred pesos (P200) each.
The supposedly relief item being sold in the market bears the name "MRE", which would means "Meal, Read-to-Eat". Other writings on the package read "Warfighter Recommended, Warfighter Tested, Warfighter Approved". It also bears "US Government Property. Commercial Resale is Unlawful".

It is such an open disgrace that people would resort to smuggling these relief items and sell them in the market for such an amount. But until someone clears a name or issue statements, we can only speculate on where the said MREs really come from. Whether they are intended for Yolanda victims or not, we also unsure.

Did you buy any or one of those US Military ready to eat meal packs? (Image: GMA News)

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