Winnie Monsod says 'Guards were correct, Binay was wrong'

TV host and columnist Winnie Monsod aired her comments on what had turned out after a controversial encounter between Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and the security guards of a certain subdivision in Dasmarinas, Cavite on November 30, 2013.
Winnie Monsod
The incident involving Mayor Binay and the three guards of the said gated subdivision brought a meme out of the mayor's words "Don't You Know Me". The question Mayor Binay threw when his convoy was refused to pass through a subdivision gate.

Yesterday, published an article citing Winnie Monsod, who happens to be a resident the above hinted subdivision, saying "..Guards were correct, Binay was wrong".

Here is the full quote of Monsod's statements:
The guards were correct… And Mayor Binay was obviously wrong. He was taking advantage of his position and trying to be above the law. And anything that goes above the law is wrong.”
His alternative was to go about 150 meters away to the gate that was open. But he wanted to show his…I don’t know
And the fact that his guards pulled out their weapons is…this is an indication of how Binay is going to rule the country
Referring to the security agency where the three guards involved are employed, Monsod said:
..the owner of the security agency has no business talking for the DasmariƱas Village Association.
Apparently, the security agency said they asked apology from Binay's camp.

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