5 Year Old Piano Genius Performs For His 101 Year Old Fan - A Touching Private Concert

A 5-year-old piano genius, Ryan Wang gives a very heartwarming treat for his oldest fan, 101 years old Dorothy Landry aka Grandma Dorothy. The mere sight of them, exchanging messages before the private piano concert is already a moving scene.
Ryan Wang and Grandma Dorothy

Ryan Wang and Grandma Dorothy

Even Ryan had his eyes misty.
Ryan Wang

Thanks to CBC music for arranging a date for the two to meet. The result was priceless. Grandma Dorothy finally met her favourite pianist.

Ryan Wang played inner Mongolian folk songs, and Grandma Dorothy loved it, as she doesn't care about "rock and roll and all that modern thing.."
Ryan Wang and Grandma Dorothy

Watch the video and prepare for some tissue papers:
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