A la-transformer truck in Mandaluyong city became instant attraction

Yesterday, a news about a stalled 10-wheeler truck in Mandaluyong city broke out. It had its nose lifted in the air due to the heavy load it had in its container trailer.

Truck in Mandaluyong

Putting aside strict implementation of overloading law in the country, a lot of passersby stopped to have their photos taken with the truck. Mind you, they dared posing under the lifted head of the vehicle.

Some netizens captioned it "Optimus Prime bigong makapag-transform", which means Optimus Prime failed to transform.
Surely, these guys must have felt they are the Superman at that very moment:
According to reports, the truck was pulling a container van filled with glasses. The driver said, he was on his way to a warehouse in Mandaluyong at around 3 a.m. Thursday when the incident happened.

After about ten (10) hours, two cranes came to the scene to take care of the situation.

Truck in Mandaluyong
Source: 1 / Photo: Dexter Ganibe @RPDexterGanibe
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