Billy Crawford admits courting Coleen Garcia

The Billy Crawford-Nikki Gil with Coleen Garcia being the third party according to speculations seem to have lived longer than we expected compared to other controversial issues out there.

Just before this confirmation of Billy courting Coleen for real, the two were linked while the Billy-Nikki break up issue was on the heights. In a bit later, photos of Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford, looking sweet to each other, were circulated in the Internet. The photos showed Billy with arms around Coleen's shoulders. The two were also photographed hugging. These were taken in Bacolod; "It's Showtime" has a show there that time.

What happened next - both Billy and Coleen had a vacation in New York. Again, a photo of them came up online via online media portals.

Yesterday (Sunday), a new celebrity scoop came out saying Billy is courting Coleen Garcia for real.

In an interview on “Buzz ng Bayan” Billy said:
Yes, nililigawan ko. She is not my girlfriend yet, and I would love for her to be.
Coleen and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend. We are not a couple yet. That’s pretty much it
Regarding their meet up in New York, Crawford said:
It’s vacation time. The ‘Showtime’ family, we all had different places to go. I was talking to Coleen and I said I was going to New York to see old friends, to see my family. And then Coleen said, ‘Oh, I’ll be in New York too, with my friend.’ And then later before leaving, I found out that Ryan Bang was also going to New York. We met up with Ryan as well
But to be honest with you, yes, I did ask Coleen to watch the game with me before leaving. I bought the tickets beforehand and I said, ‘You know what, I would love to go there in New York and actually spend time with you, to watch the game and have dinner
Billy and Coleen watched the NBA match between the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks at the Barclays Center in New York City last December 27.

Still holding on to his previous statements, Billy stressed that Coleen was never the third party in his recent break up with Nikki Gil. (Photo:

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