BIR to tax prize money of X-Factor Israel winner Rose Fostanes

This came like a joke to many and a thing of frustration as well, when the thought, BIR wants to tax the prize money of X-Factor Israel winner Rose 'Osang' Fostanes emerged online.

Rose Fostanes and Kim Henares

Seriously, this chase-like phenomenon has been making rounds - take for example world boxing champ Manny Pacquiao.

In a series of news articles, a lot of people expressed their reactions on the intention of the BIR to tax Osang.

A certain Mia Tres Marias commented online:
tsk tsk Philippine government is unbelievable.. filipinos choose to work abroad due to lack of employment opportunities in the Philippines.. and filipinos show their talents to foreign countries due to lack of support in the Philippines.. now that filipino talents are being discovered with the foreign countries, Philippine are now paranoid of claiming back their citizen's fame.. and worst , making money of one's winnings???? and worst of worse, these two anchors here, suggesting that "XFACTOR ISRAEL" should come back to the Philippines and be famous? i mean, seriously??? would she be discovered in her own beloved country if Philippine Talent Producers are looking for the xfactor face than looking someone with xfactor talent??? those Philippine actresses who just had their voice lessons having a hard time hitting the notes , relying with technical voice controllers doing mumbo jumbo???and now has their albums released? shame on you guys :) c;mm'on Philippine Government, wake up and make your people proud....
One of the readers said, Fostanes' prize money is taxable in the Philippines if she did not pay such in Israel. If she did, a receipt of payment should be shown to BIR.

Legalities maybe there but from what majority of the concerns are pointing out, the tax to be collection may just end up in the hand of the country's corrupt officials.

Some even suggested, Osang should do her utmost to arrange her papers to migrate to Israel so that her earnings won't end up at the wrong hands.

What is your take on this issue?

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Anonymous said...

As always.,BIR wants to chase people who struggle to make a living outside Philippines.,Madaming politicain at business tycoon sa pinas na hindi sapat magbayad ng buwis because of their money laundering schemes but just because they have power and connections,the officers in BIR chose to ignore that!!Balugang Henares!!!

Anonymous said...

thats the sad thing about our country...when will our country ever change? so proud about the beauty of the Philippines but not our government.

Anonymous said...

BIR is Bureau of Internal Revenue If Rose's prize money or earning were made External to Philippines and the Bureau takes care of "Internal" what right do they have to tax someone for what they gain outside their own Country?? Philippines Government is crawling with greedy little pigs ! When the UK sent relief aid after recent Typhoon disaster ,Corrupt polititions, had it stolen and sold in Manila !! BAD BAD GREEDY PIGGIES !