Cheerios stops using genetically modified ingredients

General Mills' Cheerios is now without genetically modified ingredients, the company announced on Jan. 2 (Thurs). In its online article, General Mills Inc. said:
Consumers across the U.S. are seeing “not made with genetically modified ingredients” this week on familiar yellow boxes of original Cheerios.
The move could be the result of the pressures from the consumers and activist groups urging General Mills Inc. to stop using genetically modified organisms or GMOs.
Cheerios by General Mills Inc

There were no changes made in the cereal oats used in Cheerios as it has always been made with whole grain oats but the company says, it made changes in its sourcing. Now, the food company only uses " non-GMO pure cane sugar instead of beet sugar", spokesman Mike Siemienas said.

Siemienas added:
We do value our Cheerios fans and we do listen to their thoughts and suggestions
Consumers of Cheerios have been worried about the health and environmental issues concerning GMOs.

Anti-GMO groups are now constantly pressuring American food makers to remove genetically modified ingredients from all foods or at least, inform the public by putting on proper labels, which foods contain GMOs. (Source)

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