Dead conjoined whales found in Mexico

The Siamese gray whale calves measuring 4-meters were found dead in the Ojo de Liebre lagoon (Mexico), which opens into the Pacific Ocean.
Conjoined Siamese gray whales

The discovery of the lifeless mammals was confirmed by the National Natural Protected Areas Commission (CONANP) on Monday.

Conjoined Siamese gray whales

The conjoined whales are linked at the waist with separate heads and tail fins. The creatures were weighing nearly half-tonne, as per information given by Benito Bermudez, a marine biologist and CONANP's regional manager.
Conjoined Siamese gray whales

Every winter season, a lot of whales do migrate from the Bering sea to the warmer seas, like that of Baja California.

In the last couple of years, about 1,200 gray whales were spotted in the said region.

Photo source: 1. Farah Castillo: Facebook/Guerrero Negro Verde 2. 3.

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