Duterte tells Commission on Human Rights: Shut Up!

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been put to hot waters after a series of media files came out, with him threatening the rice smugglers of death if they ever come to his city.

On Sunday, Mayor Duterte declared his all-out war against rice smuggling in Davao City. It is his response to a request from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares - a help to curb rice smuggling allegedly getting a foothold in Davao city.

Mayor Duterte came out open and direct - his usual brand in dealing things specially concerning law enforcement. In an interview and on videos uploaded on Youtube a few days ago, Duterte said:
I will kill you
If you will not stop, I will kill you.
He continued:
The cases of rice smuggling here is only part of the bigger problem of smuggling happening in the entire country ..The poor Filipino farmers will be jeopardized
Watch the video below for more details:

What followed is a statement from the Commission on Human Rights Chair Loretta Ann Rosales, branding Mayor Duterte's death threats as unethical.

Rosales also said the mayor's role is not to execute people but rather ensure good governance.

The mayor reacted:
Ethics? Is that all that the grey matters between your ears can think of? What’s unethical about it? Point out to me any law which says I cannot threaten criminals ..Shut Up!
Even Presidential Communications Operations Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. criticized Duterte for his recent statements towards smugglers. Coloma said "no one is above the law".

Duterte answered through his video interview:
Smuggling has been going on since time immemorial and nobody really stopped it
No amount of threats from government prosecution stopped smuggling. This has been going on and controlled by a cartel. If no one is willing to kill for the Filipinos–for the poor Filipino farmers–nothing will happen to this country.
We have to defend the Filipino farmer
I would be willing to go to prison for the Filipino farmer actually. I am not joking. I will really kill you
Watch the video interview below for more of the statement of Mayor Duterte:

What's your take on this exchange of statements between CHR and Mayor Duterte?

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