Firecracker injuries in the Philippines now at 962 - New Year news

So far, the number of firecracker or fireworks related injuries in the Philippines is now at 962, close to a thousand, according to reports related to the customary celebration of new year in the country.
fireworks related injury in the philippines

The same number was also contained in a Twitter post of DOH Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag.
The Department of Health (DOH) announced the above statistics on Saturday.

According to Sec. Tayag, 359 or 38% of the 943 were using piccolo.

Here is the breakdown of the said fireworks / firecrackers related as of 6:00 AM Jan. 4:

Fireworks injury: 943
Fireworks ingestion: 2
Stray bullet: 17

In a separate Tweet of Sec. Tayag, an 11-year old boy from Quezon City lost both hands after picking up a firecracker. He also lost his left eye.
The Department of Health noted that for this year, most of the fireworks injuries were caused by the firecracker piccolo. Coincidentally, it is an illegally imported product in the Philippines. The DOH further said, they will conduct an investigation on why piccolo is still being sold in the country.

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