Google to develop smart contact lens to monitor glucose levels of diabetics

Brace up tech watchers! Google is rumored to move beyond Google glass and is now thinking of fully implementing a project that will do something gigantic for those with diabetes.

Google smart contact lens

Although still in its early phases, Google is said to develop a smart contact lens, with built-in sensor, chip and antenna to constantly monitor diabetics' blood sugar levels.

Google is now testing its prototype lenses and in close talk with the United States Food and Drug Administration about the technology.

Google smart contact lens

The smart contact lens will measure a user's glucose levels from tears. The lenses will be equipped with wireless chips and glucose sensors. The project's co-founder at Google, Brian Otis and Babak Parviz said:
You've probably heard that diabetes is a huge and growing problem, affecting one in every 19 people on the planet
But you may not be familiar with the daily struggle that many people with diabetes face.... Uncontrolled blood sugar puts people at risk for a range of dangerous complications...including damage to the eyes, kidneys and heart.
With the fact that blood sugar can fluctuate throughout the day, the test should be as often as possible. But then, diabetics may find the process painful as they are required to undergo the finger stick method time to time.

The project proponents also underlined the possibility of making the lenses' ability to send early warning for wearers. Tiny LED lights can be fused into the lenses, which can be configured to light up every time glucose levels shoot up below specified thresholds.

Are you ready for these Google lenses coming in the way?

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