Hank Azaria fatherhood - New TV series dedicated to celebrity dads

Hank Azaria's Fatherhood took a cue from the question - why anyone would want to become a father. It's a TV series featuring celebrity parents taking on 'Parenting'.

Hank Azaria Fatherhood TV series

The initial installment to the parenting series shows Hank Azaria questioning fellow dads and celebrities regarding their takes and thoughts on parenting.

Surprisingly, along the way of filming the series, Hank discovered that his girlfriend is pregnant. It's like a TV series on parenting, while expecting to become a parent in real life, anytime soon.

So far, there have been two episodes of Hank Azaria's 'Fatherhood' TV series already.

- Episode 1: Preg & Nant
- Episode 2: Standoffs, Tantrums

Tune in to the upcoming episodes of 'Fatherhood' here.

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