Happy waitress from Lincoln gets a life changing tip

Two great men with an angelic mission stopped by at the restaurant where the 'happiest server', 18-year-old Abigail Sailors is working, to save up for her tuition and enough budget for the spring semester.
Abigail Sailors
The supposed usual customers initially looked for the the grumpiest server in Cracker Barrel in Lincoln, Nebraska. Failed to give one, the hostess at the restaurant instead gave them their most jolly waitress. It was Ms. Sailors, who is a working student of Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota.

The customers asked Abigail why she is so happy. Sailors told her life story to the men on a great cause. She related that she and her siblings were separated and reunited many times over and that they also suffered abuses for years, until a couple named John and Susi took Abigail and her siblings.

The youngest of Abigail's siblings was just 7 months old when her parents met an accident. Her mother never fully recovered. The Sailors were scattered to at at least three foster homes.

Moved by the story of Sailors, the tandem left $100 tip, though it had to be split with another server at the restaurant. The astounding next thing is that, the other man revealed that he is actually an alumnus of Trinity. He then wrote a couple checks for Sailors - $1,000 for the miscellaneous Sailors would need and $5,000 for the school fees.
Sailors' $5,000 check
Sailors was all thankful to the two gentlemen who just opened a life-changing door for her. The men told her to thank God instead.

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