Human body parts from the sky fell in Jeddah

Saudi police reports human body parts fell from the sky in Saudi on Sunday; The authorities say, those could be of a person trapped in an airplane's landing gear.
Human body parts from the sky

A witness called Jeddah police regarding the fall of human parts in Mushrefa areas.

Investigations are now on going.
The report came after a Saudi Arabian Airlines jet made an emergency landing in the city of Medina in the west of the kingdom, injuring 29 people on Sunday. 
That aircraft had been travelling from Iran's second city of Mashhad with 315 people on board. (Source)
What happened could be related to people's desperate attempt to cross countries or borders. Some of them manage to sneak into the airplane's landing gear bays. Unfortunately, most of them succumb to death by freezing once the plane is at the high altitude.

Sometime in 2010, a man from Beirut, Lebanon made it to hide in the wheel bay of a plane bound for Saudi Arabia. His body was found by a maintenance crew in Riyadh.

This is another level of travelling across the countries, though deadly and the chances are very small.

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