Jessica Sanchez fans in the land of confusion

Unintentionally, Jessica Sanchez, the singer somewhat sent fans into the land of confusion when reports online surfaced regarding the case of another Jessica Sanchez, a WKMG reporter fighting cancer.

Sometime in March last year, media person Jessica Sanchez was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and thereby, had to undergo chemotherapy sessions. She seem to have surpassed the health challenge and is in fact, bound to come back to work next week.

Jessica Sanchez - WKMG Reporter
On another side of the world, Jessica Sanchez the American Idol star posted online, a photo of her taken during a vacation in Boracay Philippines.

Jessica Sanchez - American Idol finalist / Singer
To set the record straight, there are two JESSICA SANCHEZ personalities in the world, at least in the digital world most people might have known yet.

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