Life as a Female Journalist: Hot or Not? by Amy Wallace

Life as a Female Journalist: Hot or Not? by Amy Wallace. This essay talks about one of the many struggles a female journalist is facing, as she delve into the depths of the issues she consider interesting and controversial.

Amy Wallace has been called a prostitute for releasing an essay that tackles about an anti-vaccine movement and its proponent Paul Offit.

Amy Wallace

Amy had the best of it for being a woman, talking about her opinions on Offit's project. Amy was called with the C-word.

In an essay, particularly made for Amy, a title said:
Paul Offit Rapes (intellectually) Amy Wallace and Wired Magazine.
This is just one of the typical attacks on Amy and the rest of her, female journalists / writers. They do find their bodies and femininity under attack and not their intellects.
Take the detailed read of Amy Wallace's article on nytimes for the better grasp.

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