Lone Survivor: An action-packed movie about SEAL tragedy

Lone Survivor is an action-packed movie starred by veteran actor Mark Wahlberg. It tells about the incredible stories about four Navy Seals who were sent on a covert mission to neutralize a high-level Taliban operative.
Lone Survivor 2014 movie poster

The 'Lone Survivor' in real life is Marcus Luttrell - the only Navy Seal officer who survived the brutal gunfight in 2005 during the 'Operation Red Wings' encounter in Afghanistan, at the steep mountains of Hindu Kush.

The 4-SEALS team of Luttrell had a dilemma whether to release the unarmed goat herds they found at the mountainside or kill them so as not to reveal their location to the Taliban forces.

Following the rule of engagement, the SEALs released the civilians. As expected, the goat herders did what the SEALs feared - they disclosed Luttrell's team location.

In the gunfight the went afterwards, three of Luttrell's team mates were killed. They are Lt. Michael Murphy, 29, Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew Axelson, 29, and Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny Dietz, 25.

What followed was a rather brutal consequence. In an attempt to rescue Luttrell's team, 16 American troops and eight other SEALs were also killed. The rescuing Chinook was even shot down by a RPG (rocket-propelled grenade).

Coincidentally, this film is based on Luttrell 's best selling book 'Lone Survivor'. Luttrell served as one of the consultants on the movie.

From iMDB.org, on 'Lone Survivor'
Based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission "Operation Red Wings". Four members of SEAL Team 10 were tasked with the mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd.
Lone Survivor movie will be released on January 10, 2014 (US). So stay tuned!

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