Most lorries stopped by police in London are defective or illegally driven

An article on shared this worth noting article regarding the number heavy goods vehicles (HGV), such as the lorries stopped by UK's police, wherein most of them are either defective or driven illegally.
Lorries in london - london cycling campaign

This raised heightened concerns for the safety of London's cyclists and other road users.

There's been a "disproportionate number of cyclists killed on the roads" and that is why in the latter part of 2014, they will fine be with £200 if they enter London without basic safety equipment.

More than 75% of the lorries appended by the police officers in London are non-compliant to the basic safety rules. Only few of them had mirrors and safety tools such as bars to prevent cyclists from being crushed under the wheels.

There had been lorries whose drivers are without insurance and no proper license.

Proponents of the cycling practice in UK raised utmost concern on the said situation. Campaign manager for British Cycling Martin Key says:
This level of law-breaking is disturbing and shows that as a country we have to do a much better job of looking after each other on the roads.
HGVs are involved in a disproportionate number of collisions with people on bikes and on foot, so we applaud the Met Police for running this targeted operation, which shows a clear and immediate need for greater levels of enforcement.
Is your city or state cracking on the same issue related to heavy goods vehicles and the cycling community? (Source)

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