PNP releases safety tips for the devotees of the Black Nazarene

The Feast of the Black Nazarene will be tomorrow January 9 (Thurs), 2014 and as always, gigantic crowds will be swarming Manila areas, specially Quiapo.


Philippine's Official Gazette published in its website - Safety tips for the devotees of the Black Nazarene by the Philippine National Police (PNP), as listed below:
1. Advise your family. Ensure that your house is properly secured before you leave. All electrical devices must be unplugged. 
2. Be physically prepared. Children, elderly, pregnant, and persons who are sick should avoid crowded places; thus, they are advised to stay at home and rest. 
3. Be sure to have identification card, medical information and emergency contact numbers with you. 
4. Wear proper clothing. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, and bringing expensive electronic devices. 
5. Avoid alcoholic drinks. 
6. Bring candies, crackers and bottled water. Drink a lot of fluid to prevent heat exhaustion. 
7. Beware of all possible hazards around you during the procession (e.g. motor vehicles, falling debris, etc.). 
8. Know where you are at all times. Should you come in groups, assign a designated meeting point in case someone gets lost. 
9. Maintain proper distance to avoid unnecessary injuries. Plan a safe exit path from the crowd. 
10. Know the location and means of access towards the police stations, medical stations, and other available authorities within the area.
Take note of the above-listed tips and safety measures.

You may contact NCRPO React via:
Twitter: @NCRPOReact
Facebook: Ncrpo React
SMS: 0915-88888181/0999-9018181

Or the PCRG-PNP at:
PCRG Facebook Page: pcrg,pnp
SMS: 0908-821-8004 (Smart); 0917-790-7214 (Globe)

On another note, you may check The Black Nazarene Program Schedule and Procession Route, should plan to join the feast on site.

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