Roswell NM school shooting: 12-year old shooter injures 2 school mates

A 12-year old student sneaked a 20-gauge shotgun into his school, then opened fire inside the school's gymnasium, hurting at least two school mates - Nathaniel Tavarez, 11 and Kendal Sanders, 12.


According to Lubbock, Texas, officials, the victims are still in the hospital and there have been no clear indications if they will be sent home sooner or later.

Tavarez was shot in the face and neck, while Sanders sustained wound in the shoulder. The students inside the gym fled and scattered upon realizing that the noise actually a gun shot.

The shooting inside Roswell school made the students horrified. Some even thought it was a joke. 14-years old Blas Mendez said:
I walked into the gym and heard the bangs, but I thought it was a joke -- people pop bags in school all the time
I didn’t think it was a gun until I heard all the screaming and crying.
New Mexico State Police said, the authorities are now planning to conduct a search in the suspect's home, locker and backpack as well.

After the shooting incident, Policemen learned that the wooden stock of the shotgun used in the shooting had been cut, perhaps to fit inside the boy's school bag.

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