Sharp 85-inch TV revealed at the CES 2014

The Sharp 85-inch TV 8K HDTV has just been unveiled by Sharp on Monday at the Consumer Electronics Companies or CES 2014.
Sharp 8K TV 2-578-80

Sharp's 85-inch 8K comes with glasses-free 3D display. It is created with Phillips and Dolby. With its super high resolution, it even allows you to experience lifelike 3D pictures without the burden of wearing those traditional glasses. The largest Sharp TV displays 16 times the resolution of today’s HDTVs.

CES being the biggest stage companies present their hottest new products, Sharp came out with the  astounding 85-inch TV.

The date when this gigantic TV from Sharp will hit the stores is still unknown, but perhaps it will be soon.

Take a look at the Sharp CES 2014 press-conference video below, with touches on the hottest highlights of the products presented.

The Sharp 85-inch TV is not all of it at the CES. The company also announced a series of new TV models that are part of the Aquos Quattron+ that is built with the capability to deliver 4k playback. This comes in three classes including 60 inches, 70 inches and 80 inches models.

In this age for size, quality, smart capability and design, Sharp is surely going the way to really dominate the television markets. (Sources: 1, 2)

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