Slovakia accepts three Uighur prisoners from Guantanamo Bay

In hope to help the U.S. government realize its goal of closing the Guantanamo prison, Slovakia concedes to accept three (3) Uighur prisoners for resettlement.

The three Uighurs were identified as members of Muslim minority from Western China who had been detainees in Afghanistan due to alleged association with the Talibans.

Meanwhile, there were 22 more Uighurs under the the U.S. custody but were cleared of involvement in terrorism. They are supposed to return to China but the U.S. refused to send them back due to fear they could face presecution and torture in their own lands.

The said Uighurs are in fact, militants from the northwestern Chinese region of Xianjiang. They fought against the Chinese government.

Resettling the detained Uighurs came as a pressing issue when the U.S. cannot find a host country for the final three. Others were already sent to Bermuda, Palau, and Switzerland.

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