Vhong Navarro Binugbog Actual CCTV Footage shared online, Real or Fake?

Looking for the actual CCTV footage of Vhong Navarro while being mauled inside a condo? Wait a while, you must be clicking the wrong links!

Vhong Navarro CCTV Footage

You must be among those who clicked a supposed "video link" going around social networks captioned as "CCTV Footage on Vhong Navarro's Condo Unit! Watch and Share! Watch CCTV Footage Here" or something like "Actual CCTV video of Vhong Navarro mauled inside a condo.." and lot more misleading statements to lure people to execute the mighty click.

Vhong Navarro Binugbog CCTV Footage

Beware! Those were created for a different purpose - to make you click, share or maybe like a Facebook page in order to proceed to the supposed material, this time a CCTV video coverage.

The click you will be doing could be attached to a commission-based link, hence a person, company and or organization could be earning some bucks while you make your way to view the alleged video material. Otherwise, the link being shared online is just a strategy to increase a Facebook page's fans.

Either way, you won't be seeing the real and working CCTV footage of Vhong Navarro while being mauled inside a condo unit.

Here is a screen grab from our Facebook timeline updates a few hours ago:

Vhong Navarro mauling incident

Notice the portions with the red arrows? The first one pointing upwards, actually contains the real date the video was captured - 06/12/2012. Obviously, the video is just a dummy to encourage you to click on the video link circulating around; It could be taken from the website "theguardian", bearing the article title "Brazilian advert uses real smash-and-grab footage - video". The actor's photo thumbnail is pasted there to make the video screen capture even more convincing.

Vhong Navarro fake video

It's a CCTV footage of the shop of a certain Brazilian fashion designer while being robbed by a gang of masked thieves, which happened almost 2 years ago.

These are some of the results when we tried to click some of the supposed "Vhong Navarro Binugbog Actual CCTV Footage" links.

Vhong Navarro video

This one asks to share the material before the viewing can proceed. How the URL was made is even more tempting - "leak.video.info/vhong-navarro/v10.html". We did not bother to proceed since, as of writing this post, there's been no official video release for the said tragic incident Vhong Navarro got into.

Vhong Navarro facebook video

The number of people submitting to the share or like request is increasing exponentially. Take a look at this Facebook status update from one of our friends:
[Shocking Video] Vhong Navarro Binugbog - Actual Footage
31,545 people have shared this video. Click to watch the video.
Look at this suggestion panel we grabbed from one of our Facebook pages:
Vhong Navarro condo unit cctv footage

About 4k shares in the first link, while almost 800 for the second one. We say, opportunistic individuals are on the loose again, as always.

Be an informed person online! Don't just click a thing, think for a few seconds first and then decide or else you could end up downloading a virus-infected file or site.

Meanwhile, fellow celebrities expressed their utmost support for the ABS-CBN "It's Showtime" host Vhong Navarro. A lot of them sent Tweet sympathies, wishes and prayers for the badly beaten Vhong.. for his fast recovery.
So as the campaign goes, think before you click. But of course, our wishes of fast recovery and justice for Vhong Navarro.

The comedian and dancer and TV host was taken to a hospital for medication after being mauled by a group of men inside a condo unit on Wednesday night. News said, Vhong was invited by a female friend, whose name is still unpublished.

According to Vhong's manager Chito Roño, Vhong was invited to a certain condo and then "tied up, blindfolded and beaten up by six unidentified men, who also tried to extort money from him." (Source)

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