Which countries contribute the most to climate change?

On global warming top offenders -- Ever got an idea which countries contribute the most to climate change? This map produced by New Scientist will open a window in your mind and know which nation is steaming hot and producing massive emissions.

Earth is no doubt experiencing global warming since time immemorial; This spatial representation of gas emissions gives an idea where most of this planet's greenhouse gas emissions are originating from.

Global Warming Top Offenders

Global warming is not just about gas emissions. It extends beyond that. It may translate to super storms or typhoons to some areas, while it can be ultra-cold temperatures in some continents.

Just as what the New Scientist said in its online publication, this is a chart no one wants to top, but then as what the data would reveal, the global warming top offenders are - US, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Germany and the UK.

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