Apostrophe error on road sign in UK upset motorists: Sonning Bridge road sign

A Sonning Bridge road sign apostrophe error upset passing motorists, says a BBC report a few days ago. One passerby identified as Valerie Gabriel said, the sign annoyed her as there could be 'no excuse' for printed errors.

Sonning bridge road sign apostrophe error

Sonning Bridge links Berkshire and Oxfordshire; It was closed due to flood damages. Apparently, a sign was placed at the bridge, which reads:
Meanwhile, Oxfordshire County Council's Highways councilor David Nimmo Smith said he is not aware of the said error. He told the reporters instead:
Our engineers know how to do the job, but they may not be the best at writing signs.
The apostrophe error in the said road sign also earned the following comments, through Facebook:

Morag Cuddeford-Jones:
English closed due to grammatical instability. Diversion via Mandarin until further notice
Brian Steer:
They can't punctuate now, and there is talk of starting school later. We are going to become a country of dumbos!
Aiden Fry:
Who cares about grammar ..You should be asking why our road network so poor, and how can we improve it. Source
We often commit this kind of mistake, knowingly and unknowingly. So just to remind you, "IT'S" is short for "It is" or "It has". On the other hand, "ITS" is just like "HIS" and "HER". Without the apostrophe, the word stands as a possessor, like "his car" and "her car" or "its traces" if we speak about neuter things.

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