Deniece Cornejo caught on tape smiling after interview on Startalk (Video)

In a recent live TV appearance of model Deniece Cornejo on GMA network's 'Startalk", a full-of feelings interview went out with a massive ending of the alleged rape victim, sending out her messages to ABS-CBN's 'It's Show Time' host Vhong Navarro.

But wait! What's in the following screen-captured photo?

deniece interview on startalk smiling

The audience, and later on netizens reacted towards the seemingly contradicting attitude and reaction of Deniece Cornejo during and at the end of her interview. Apparently, Cornejo was caught on tape, pulling off a smile after a  tearful segment.

Here is a collage taken from the video interview of Deniece Cornejo on Startalk:
deniece interview on startalk photos

deniece interview on startalk photos

Watch the interview video and tell us what you think:

As we do not promote the attitude of being judgmental, we present here the material in question for the readers' perusal. Your conclusions are yours to keep, but of course you may also voice out your opinions for the sake democracy and freedom of speech.

Deniece Cornejo caught smiling after a tearful interview while sending a message to Vhong Navarro - was it appropriate? How do you see it?

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