Drew Barrymore still wears things from the 90s

Drew Barrymore revealed that she still wears some of the things she does in the 90s. Guess what it is? Well, it's her Brown-Red Lipstick Shades back in the days.

Drew Barrymore

Drew also shared an observation of herself:
I saw what I wore to concerts and red carpets, and I was like, ‘That s–t is crazy,’ but I’m so glad I did it
And on her brown-red lipsticks:
I’m such a mom now, but it makes me happy to know I had those moments in life. One thing I do love from the ’90s is the brown-red lipsticks. I never did the frosted lips, because it never looked good on me. As crazy as I was, those Wet’n'Wild colors, I knew not to do that.
Sure, Drew Barrymore knows how to poke fun at herself.
I’d do the blow dryer and the AquaNet at the same time on my bangs. And that wasn’t so attractive. I looked like Peppermint Patty.
For you Drew Barrymore fans and followers, her cannot-live-without sort of thing is beauty product called 'Skincognito stick'.

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