Happy Valentines Day and SOGO (Meme) pull a trend on Twitter

Key phrases such as 'Happy Valentines Day' and 'SOGO' established a trend today, Feb. 14 (Fri), at least on Twitter Philippines.

Along with the above-mentioned Twitter tags were Twitter memes posted by netizens. Take a look at the following:
Mr. Bean has his dose of the Valentines Day meme too:
These grannies had it grand, since 1954:
The term 'SOGO' is a name for famous hotel/motel in the Philippines. This got some way hilarious memes, as per posts we've seen today, a few minutes ago. Look!

SOGO on Valentines Day 2014 meme

There is even a Tweet meme - a map of the locations of SOGO hotels in the metropolitan:
A humor-coated SOGO meme on earthquake:
This one checks how many people that checked in to SOGO hotel already:
We predict that 'Happy Valentines Day' and 'SOGO' Twitter Meme will skyrocket until tonight.

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