RIP Tado Jimenez: Comedian Arvin 'Tado' Jimenez died in tragic bus accident

RIP Tado. We will surely cherish your kind of comedy. Tado Jimenez died today, in a tragic bus accident, which took place somewhere in Sitio Pagang in Barangay Talubin, at around 7:00 in the morning.

Tado Jimenez

As per confirmed by other news portals, the comedian is indeed among the fatally killed passengers of a certain Florida Bus.
As of the latest updates, the death toll in the said accident is already at 14. Two foreigners, a dutch woman (Ann Van de Ven) and a Canadian man (Alex Loring) were among the 14 fatalities.

The bus driver was identified as Alexander Longadey, who is now undergoing medical treatment in a hospital. The bus he was driving was carrying 45 passengers.

As per police reports, some of the fatalities were:

Marcial Bernard Jr.
Andrew David Sicam
Natividad Ngawa
Gerard Baja
Ana Alaba
Arvin Jimenez (Tado Jimenez)

Six (6) other dead bodies are still unidentified, as of the latest news available.

Memoirs of Tado Jimenez
Tado on national TV

Tado Jimenez on 'Pakikidalamhati'
tado jimenez quote

This is Tado's post on Instagram, before the bus departure for Bontoc, Mountain Province.
tado jimenez instagram post

Rest in Peace Tado.

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