FA-50 Fighter Jets: PAF acquires new aircrafts including Bell 412 helicopters to boost defense

The Philippine's Air Force (PAF) has just signed a deal to purchase 12 FA-50 from South Korea and eight helicopters from Canada. The aircraft were intended to intensify the country's air combat and defense capabilities.

FA-50 fighter jets

While PAF knows that it needs high-performing air units, it stressed, it will make use of the newly bought FA-50 fighter jets and helicopters.

PAF spokesman Col. Miguel Okol said, what the air force needs is a 'Multi-Role Fighter'. Referring to the aircraft:
..it can swing air-to-air, air-to-surface, air-to-maritime
With the attack capabilities of the 'Multi-Role Fighter', enemies who might try to enter the country can be taken care off quite decently.

The acquisition of the FA-50 fighter jets is an addition to the country's air force command, and it's just the start. There will be more upgrades to happen in the future.

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