Ajinomoto makes wearable mustache device to enjoy coffee 3 times as much (Higerable Device)

That is right! Ajinomoto General Foods (AGF) made an exclusive mustache-shaped gadget called 'Higerable Device' to promote its espresso drink 'TRIPLESSO'.

Higerable Device - Wearable mustache

This was featured on Akihabara News, an 'Asia Tech News Source' based in Japan.

Higerable Device - Wearable mustache

'Hige' is mustache in Japanese, hence the 'Hegerable' term. In a video released by TRIP LESSO yesterday, it says that what 'Hegrable Device' does is to let you enjoy your coffee three times as much.

Higerable Device - Wearable mustache
The Higerable Device Diagram
With one of the special functions of the device, you can enjoy your coffee flavor three times as much - a fan attached will blow the flavor's scent to your nose.

Higerable Device - Wearable mustache

The device is an exclusive promotional device of AGF for its coffee product in Japan. There is still no clear statement if it will be available for sale, or even go for worldwide marketing.

Watch the video:

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