Alert on "[ABS-CBN] Alien body discovered by Filipino Mountaineers!" Don't click just yet!

A certain "[ABS-CBN] Alien body discovered by Filipino Mountaineers!" news feed is doing some rounds this morning, at least the time we saw it on our Facebook timeline, and it is some kind of getting huge volumes of clicks from us, seemingly "alien fascinated ones".

Did you see this photo of an alleged alien discovered by so-called 'Filipino Mountaineers'?

The mere looks of it, plus the click happy person in you would lead to a quite useless end result. You will just end up waiting for nothing.

From the very first glance, we knew this "Alien body discovered" show is another kind of a tool with hidden purposes, which could be lying behind the codes embedded in the said web page. We don't know what kind of private information this site would reap but most certainly, there is something fishy in it.

For the sake of clarity and showing you what awaits you after clicking the link, we used a dummy Facebook account to get to the supposedly "video page".

The supposed video loading progress bar indicated in red does move and looks like the video material is loading, but there is nothing to it than a waste of time. Well, obviously we did spend time on it for the sake of this post, and that's perfectly alright.

 Notice this on your browser's tab? An ABS-CBN logo, but the URL or link does not bear any ABS-CBN thing for that matter.

 This is the link and it does not contain anything related to ABS-CBN.

Sad to say, a lot of us still fall prey to this kind of things.

The next time you are about to click a link or news feed such as this, think twice and even thrice. You could be clicking on a malicious program loader on your system, private information harvester, or maybe a page that seeks to gather "LIKES" for a certain Facebook page and nothing more.

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