BIR Shame Campaign: BIR on Doctors ad on Inquirer slammed by Philippine Medical Association (PMA)

The BIR on Doctors Ad that was published on print newspaper Inquirer on Sunday was seen unfair by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA). The organization cried foul over the tax bureau's portrayal of a tax cheat represented by a medical doctor.

BIR on Doctors Ad

BIR on the other hand, told the doctors not to take the advertisement personally, but rather pay their taxes honestly.

Here is PMA's statement, through its president Dr. Leo Olarte:
[T]o project to the entire nation through the trimedia that medical doctors are tax cheats per se is absolutely unfair
The 'BIR Shame Campaign' bore the caption:
When you don’t pay your taxes, you’re a burden to those who do. Do your share.
BIR pointed out that its production of the said ad is actually based on a huge number of complaints sent to them, pointing out doctors not issuing receipts.

The said BIR Shame Campaign has the following additional information:
  • ITR Filing and Payment Deadline: April 15
  • BIR Hotline: 981-8888

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