CBCP says BIR Shame Campaign is 'Unchristian'

The Philippine's Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) recently released an ad labeled by the public as 'BIR Shame Campaign'; A news report says, a Catholic priest called the said advertisement 'unchristian'.

BIR Shame Campaign

Fr. Edu Gariguez, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines National Secretariat for Social Action (CBCP-Nassa) said, there could be other ways to highlight emphasis on the importance of correct tax payment. The priest also said, it was not proper to generalize the doctors as tax cheats.
There are doctors who don’t pay taxes correctly. But the problem with the ad is that it made a generalization… It is not fair to those who are honest about their taxes
The religious leader further said:
To humiliate them through that kind of advertisement is very unchristian. Although there is some truth to it, I would have hoped [the BIR] addressed the issue first in a more dignified way
The said 'BIR Shame Campaign' published on Inquirer's print series on March 2 showed a doctor carrying a teacher on her shoulders. It was slammed by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA).

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