CCTV footage of MH370 pilots undergoing pre-boarding checks spreads online

An alleged CCTV footage of the two pilots of Malaysia Airline flight MH370, undergoing the routine pre-boarding checks at the airport spreads online.

MH370 Pilots CCTV

The two pilots identified as Captain Zaharie Shah, 53, and co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27 have been the subjects of the hijacking angle of the missing airplane more than a week ago.

The pilots' houses have already been searched by the Malaysian authorities, in hope to find substantial clues or evidences that could lead to a development in the search for MH370.

In the said search, a flight simulator has been found in the house of  Zaharie. It was taken as an item subject for furhter investigation.

Watch CCTV video of MH370 Captain Zaharie and Fariq Hamid in KLIA prior to flight:

The CCTV video file has been uploaded by SAYS (, a social news network in Malaysia.

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