Cebu Pacific issues advisory on passengers shouted at and denied flight to Vietnam

Cebu Pacific has been bombarded by the netizens with volumes of social media posts, bearing comments of anger and disgust over what an alleged Cebu Pacific Air manager did to passengers bound for Vietnam.

Cebu Pacific Advisory

In our previous post, we learned that three passengers, including a kid who is scheduled for an operation in Vietnam have been shouted at, and to a certain extent, insulted by one of the airline's managers due to an alleged defect in the kid's passport.

The case was posted on Facebook, and we learned about it yesterday.

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Cebu Pacific Air's Facebook page got swarmed by Facebook users, mostly bashing the company for its inconsiderate employees, not to mention poor service and low regard for customer relations.

Posted about 10 hours ago, Here's "CEB Advisory - Mar 17, 2014, 12am".

Cebu Pacific Advisory

Despite the advisory, people still noticed the lack of proper address towards the issue.

There was no apology made, so much so, a public one. Saying 'We sincerely regret the inconvenience' is different from 'we deeply apologize'.

There was no definite what-to-do things for the erring so-called Cebu Pacific Air manager.

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