Cebu Pacific manager shouted at 3 passengers bound for Vietnam, including a kid scheduled for operation

A certain Cebu Pacific manager shouted at 3 passengers bound for Vietnam, including a kid scheduled for operation, due to an alleged defect in the kid's passport.

Here is a budding issue brought out through a Facebook post concerning customer relations involving three passengers, including a kid who is booked for operation in Vietnam, and a manager of Cebu Pacific airlines.

Cebu Pacific

We took this extra mile to bring up the complaint for our dear followers to read, and with the hope that the story can reach Cebu Pacific and thereby air their side of story, or address what has to be addressed in due time, albeit our story alone can already warrant a prior conclusion. But since we avoid being judgemental at the early stages of any concerns or cases, we opted to write things down here in full privacy, specially the names involved.

Here goes the post from Facebook:
I just want to rant: Tonight, March 15, 2014 9:40pm. Manager (**** *******) in front of the counter in manila just shouted at 3 passengers that were going to Vietnam to have their kid operated. Mother was very frustrated because the manager of Cebu pacific shouted that he's the manager and he has the right not to make them fly because he found some defect in the kids passport. But the passport looks ok and has little fold. How can that manager be so heartless knowing that the kid will be operated the next day. The mother was pleading if one of the adult be left behind and allow the kid to fly. But the manager just yelled at them and made them move in the side and let other passengers go ahead? then he also said that since the passport has little defect, its not cebu pacific's fault and their tickets will be forfeited because its a promo ticket. what kind of service was that? this is insane and inhuman. I hope those family are ok now. Anyone from Cebu pacific, have a heart!

10:40pm Kid is still outside crying, Manager checked in the mother and she's confused on what to do. This is really what i call power tripping. How can a fellow filipino do this to another weak fellow filipino. Instead of finding ways to solve the problem, the manager cause more problem for the family to be stressed.

10:50pm She tried to ask the manager to rebook since she was denied to enter. but the manager said, since she was already booked and her kid isn't, the carrier thinks she already flew so Cebu Pacific Air can't rebook their flight. What kind of answer was that. Manager's name is **** *******. Carrier has the right to refuse whoever flies, but i hope not in this manner.

Passport Picture:
Philippine passport

I hope that **** ******* learns to be more understanding. He reported Vietman that the passport was detached. is it?? its still fixed. so Vietnam didn't allow them to fly. So the mother asked why did you put detached, do you know the meaning of detached? Manager said "Sorry i don't know how to speak english" making the mother more frustrated because he was being sarcastic. Thank you Cebu Pacific Air for showing us that you will not defend your passenger, even if your passenger will be operated for his life. Soooooooo heartless!

I have video's of how the manager shouting at them. here's his picture.**********

How's his doctor's appointment now? Will the doctor in Vietnam still entertain them for not showing up? How about the reserved hotels and other things paid in advance? How can someone be so heartless to kill a kids hope to be better.

The manager said to the mother, hindi ka ba murunong magbasa? look at the reminders behind your passport. So confused and shocked the mother didn't check and weakly said "ok". after the incident she checked, It says at the back of all our Philippine passport. "Alteration, addition, or destruction of contents is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized change will render this passport invalid" -- Now, how can the passport, posted earlier, be invalid if there was no alteration, addition or destruction of content? The passport was clearly usable and is just loose because its owned by the kid. We all know kids could be clumsy, but still the passport is still intact and not altered for bad use.

Please share, maybe one Cebu Pacific officer will have the heart to allow the kid to go to his operation and rebook his flight. And the management will not allow this to happen again, because it could happen to you, to me or to anyone who is helpless like a kid that will be operated."
Let's hope that management of Cebu Pacific can read this post and get things done the way it should be, the soonest time possible. That poor kid, ailing and is scheduled for operation in Vietnam is just something that can be arranged for a little bit of compassion's sake.

By this time, we assume that the complaint has been sent to Cebu Pacific already. We made this post, to intensify the process.

We do love accepting acts of kindness from foreigners and most of the times, we put them to the highest pedestal of praises, how much more if we can do the same act locally and be proud of helping a fellow Filipino in dire need?

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