Coleen Nolan reveals fortune teller predicted her sister Bernie’s death

Coleen Nolan never uttered a word to the fortune teller who read cards about the ultimate fate of her sister Bernie. Coleen was shocked by the woman's seemingly unbelievable statements. The LOOSE Women star was confused if she should feel angry or what!


Nolan shared her experience for the first time, in her autobiography No Regrets. She said she is still being haunted by the experience of hearing her sister's coming demise due to cancer.

The fortune teller told Coleen, someone close to her is not alright.
Someone really close to you isn’t all right. Is it your sister ?
To which, Coleen nodded slowly. The fortune teller added:
I’m so sorry but it’s come back and there’s nothing the doctors can do.
Coleen then called her sister afterwards. Bernie answered the phone with an obvious tone of someone who just woke up. Bernie quickly asked:
Oh, you’ve heard
Well, listen, it’s absolutely fine. It’s not curable but it’s treatable. The doctors are going to blast it with drugs and it’s going to be OK. They said they’ve had patients with similar ­diagnoses who have still been around 14 or 15 years down the line.
While the days remaining looked surreal for Coleen and her family, Bernie fought strongly. She even told her sister Coleen:
When I go, you’ll cry ..But after that I want you to get over it and get on with your life.
It made Coleen sob.

Bernie lived for another five (5) months. She was surrounded by friends and family.

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