Congressman files house bill to declare adobo as national food

A congressman calling many of the Philippine's recognized national symbols 'Colorums' or in the strictest term, illegal, seeks to file a bill that will even declare adobo as national food.

Adobo as national food of the Philippines

Bohol First District Rep. Rene Relampagos brought to congress House Bill 3926 or the "Philippine National Symbols Act of 2014" as a comprehensive basis for the country's national symbols.

According to Rep. Relampagos, a lot of the Philippine's national symbols are being taught in schools but only ten (10) of them are actually official. The others have no basis in the constitution, republic acts and proclamations.

The representative's proposal will declare or even re-declared the following sysmbols as national and official:
  1.     Jose Rizal - national hero
  2.     Philippine Peso - national currency
  3.     Great Seal - national seal
  4.     Manila - national capital
  5.     MalacaƱan Palace - national seat of government
  6.     Filipino - national language
  7.     Lupang Hinirang - national anthem
  8.     Arnis - national martial arts and sport
  9.     CariƱosa - national dance
  10.     Philippine monkey-eating eagle - national bird
  11.     Carabao - national animal
  12.     Bangus - national fish
  13.     Narra - national tree
  14.     Philippine Pearl - national gem
  15.     Sampaguita - national flower
  16.     Anahaw - national leaf
  17.     Mango - national fruit
  18.     Adobo - national food
  19.     Bakya - national slippers
  20.     Bahay Kubo - national house
  21.     Jeepney - national vehicle
  22.     Bayan Ko - national song
  23.     Maka-Diyos, Maka-tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa - national motto
What's your take on this bill seeking to establish legal and official basis for the above mentioned Philippine national symbols? Or specifically, adobo as national food? Source

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