Creative Japanese Twitter Hashtag features anime characters with costume swaps

Apparently, our friends in Japan came up with this brilliant use of the Twitter hashtag by using it like a meme - of Anime characters with costume swaps with the next character mentioned in the Tweet reply.

How does it work? First, there has to be someone to start the activity, hence a Tweet that says, it's intended for the costume swap or something like that. The original Tweet can just wait for the replies.

The character to get the first mention in the replies will serve as the model image. The second character will have its costume worn by the first character.

It may take some artistic efforts but for the anime lovers, the results are amazing and full of fun.

Here is a few sample:

1. The model image / character: Vegeta from Dragon Ball
2. Lum from Urusei Yatsura - this character's costume will be worn by Vegeta

 via @hello_yugy

1. Sniffles from Happy Tree Friends
2. Trafalgar Law costume from ONE PIECE

via @BEMPO0515

1: Doraemon from Doraemon
2: H-01 from Tiger & Bunny

via @mojyadazo

Superb creations right? Now to the artists out there who got the spare time to render those costumes to different characters, this can be an avenue to showcase your work, while enjoying the creative Tweet at the same time. 

So, what are the combo characters in your mind?


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