Daft Punk and Jay Z unreleased collaboration 'Computerized' spotted on Daft Punk fan site (Audio)

Daft Punk and Jay Z could be underway to finally publish their previously unreleased collaboration, titled 'Computerized' anytime soon.

Daft Punk Computerized Feat. Jay Z

Daft Punk - Computerized (Feat. Jay Z). Someone wandered at Kanye West message board claiming that Yeezus rapper kind of worked with Daft Punk to produce the track. Pitchfork on the other hand, said West was not involved.

'Computerized' is a song tackling too much reliance on technology. One of the lines uttered by the robot voice in the song is - "Everyone will be computerized". This can be heard in the chorus part.

Listen to Daft Punk - Computerized (Feat. Jay Z): https://soundcloud.com/rapwavenet/daft-punk-computerized-feat

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