DOH goes for '3D Approach' against mosquitoes in Metro Manila

Mosquitoes in Metro Manila have been massive in the past weeks, seemingly on the threat to proliferate in the coming months.

Mosquitoes in Metro Manila
To prevent the possible surge, the Department of Health (DOH) launched a campaign to eliminate mosquitoes in Metro Manila.

The primary target areas of the drive will include construction areas, diggings, as well as waterways and canals in the metro.

DOH Secretary Enrique Ona said, his department is coordinating with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in its mosquito elimination campaign.

The DOH employs '3D approach', which signifies 'Detect', 'Destroy', and 'Defend'.

Public cooperation is hereby called to help look for the possible breeding sites of the mosquitoes in their area. Such can be a drainage, digging areas, and empty containers, among many others; The secretary urged the residents to destroy them immediately.

Moreover, Ona reminded everyone in the metro to be responsible when using mosquito coils and also spray products. These products should be duly registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Regarding unregistered products, the FDA director himself, Dr. Kenneth Go, said:
We do not know what type of chemicals was used in these types of products. It could be agricultural [type of pesticide] which is too strong so it is still best to use household insecticides that have passed the FDA standards
And do not use insecticides as air spray, they’re not air freshener. They are meant to be used on the ground or behind the furniture to drive mosquitoes out
So, while you maybe in for the '3D approach' to get rid of the mosquitoes in Metro Manila, be sure to use the officially recommended products.

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