Erwin Tulfo denies involvement in NABCOR scam

TV 5 anchor Erwin Tulfo denied an alleged connection with NABCOR scam, a funding anomaly in 2009 involving the state-owned National Agribusiness Corporation.

Erwin Tulfo

In an article published by Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) on Wednesday, Tulfo was tagged as among the beneficiaries of the congressional allocations from Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF.

Tulfo denied having any business deals with NABCOR in the past, TV 5 stated. Should there be any, those must have been in the course of Erwin's job as a journalist.

According to Erwin Tulfo's legal counsel, Atty. Nelson Borja, PDI's story headline is libelous. The TV host and journalist may file a libel complaint against the national news agency. (Source, Source)

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