FOI Bill Philippines: Definition, News and Updates

FOI Bill Philippines or Freedom of Information made it to the third and final reading in House of Senate on Monday. The FOI Bill is sponsored by Senator Grace Poe, who is also the chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media.

FOI Bill Philippines
According to Senator Poe, the FOI Bill has been on a pending stage in Congress for, more or less 21 years already.

FOI seeks to empower the public to gain access to information on:
..public debts, and data on the status of the land ownership of hacienderos and sakadas in the agrarian reform sector.
By doing so, under the premises of the FOI Bill, Poe stressed that it is a measure to eliminate corruptions happening within government transactions.

On Monday, the FOI Bill has had 22-0 votes. It is close to implementation, so to speak.

Poe said, this law needs to be passed in order to promote transparency and accountability. She cited that in the United States, the number of convictions due to graft doubled in the first to eight years of FOI's implementation.

Moreover, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said, it is now up to the House of Representatives to hasten the passing of the FOI Bill for the Philippines, as it is seen as a great tool for the government to regain public trust.

FOI Bill stipulates the observance of mandatory posting of the assessment of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) of any government agency officials.

The FOI Bill is also known as the Senate Bill no. 1733 or the People’s Freedom of Information Act of 2013.

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