Haze: Singapore haze slightly improved in the weekend

Singapore's hazy conditions slightly improved over the weekend due to wind direction and a few rain showers in the latter part of the days.

Haze Singapore

By Saturday, Singapore's haze was blown away by the winds from north-easterly to easterly.

Singapore's pollution index monitoring agency, National Environment Agency (NEA) thereby reported that since Tuesday and Saturday, the PSI or Pollutant Standards Index has been recorded as 27-52.

In the next few days, haze in Singapore can still persist, specially in the late afternoon, should the winds start to blow from the northeast.

Here is a sample of the PSI readings taken from NEA, for March 17 (Mon), from 4:00 to 9:00 AM:
17 Mar 2014 9am - 13-23 (Good) - 7-15 μg/m3
17 Mar 2014 8am - 13-23 (Good) - 7-15 μg/m3
17 Mar 2014 7am - 13-23 (Good) - 7-16 μg/m3
17 Mar 2014 6am - 14-25 (Good) - 8-16 μg/m3
17 Mar 2014 5am - 14-25 (Good) - 8-17 μg/m3
17 Mar 2014 4am - 15-25 (Good) - 8-17 μg/m3

Singapore Daily and Updated PSI Readings and Data. For more comprehensive data and PSI tabulations, please visit NEA's official website: http://www.nea.gov.sg/psi/

Health advisory for general public and workers can also be found in the above mentioned website. Be sure to check the information too for your guidance.

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